About Us


The community was founded 15th August 2018 by Trum. The reason he decided to establish it was to make the competitive part of CS:GO more enjoyable, with all skins, knifes and gloves but also making a possibility to be able to play on custom made competitive servers.

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Uptime 100%

Online Admins 90%

Discord Support 100%

Players Playing 90%

European Hosted Servers

All our servers are hosted in Sweden and because of that we mostly have european players.

Full Access

We want you to have the best experience of the game, that's why we serve you with free and full access to all skins, knife and gloves.

High Quality Servers

Our servers are top notch with smooth gameplay, all our servers are 128 tick.

Discord Support

Our Discord server is handy & userfriendly. The Discord is made with reflection of a good design. We provide effective support for all our users.

24/7 Open Time

The servers is open all the time and always have space. If you would like to join a full server, then you should consider buying Vip.

Active Admins

The Admins is highly prioritized, all Admins are specially selected and we only approve Admins that we think could help, have fun and moderate the servers!


Server Slots






Competitive Community