Apply as Admin


Thanks for applying as Admin! Please read all the information below before filling out the apply form, keep in mind that you have to meet all requirements to be able to be accepted. If not, the application is removed without any injunction.

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Please fill out the following information completely and accurately for your application to be considered. Incorrect or improperly filled out information will be discarded without further review, no personal information will be retained past the initial appeal process! If you are accepted, a recruiter will add you on Discord and inform you. The message will be sent on the Discord account you provide in this application, if you have changed name or we are unable to add you, we will ignore and remove your application without any injunction. If we find out that you have previous punishments from other communities like cheating, we are allowed to deny your admin application and if you deny having any punishments while you do, we are allowed to permanently limit your access to our servers.

Multiple submissions for a single application will result in immediate denial. A application that is non-serious will be immediatly removed and can result in a ban. This form is to apply as Admin on TURF. Applies regarding other languages than English, or wrong or unnecessary provided information will be immediately deleted! A unserious duty as Admin can be punished. By this we mean that if you get accepted and then don't do anything you can get punished due to wasting our time and resources. If you send in a application without meeting the requirements, the application will immediately get denied and a ban can be placed.


- Have been playing more than 12 hours on our servers according to the in-game time counter, (type !lvl and then press 'My Stats' and on the top of the menu, you find your played time).
- Have 500+ hours played on CS:GO on your main.
- Have a working microphone.
- Be a member of the Discord server.