By visiting this website, joining our Discord server, joining any of our servers or using any of our services you automaticly accept to the terms of service/rules. If you violate any of this rules we are allowed to make action to prevent you from further violations to the rules.

We also have full authorization to change any part of the rules but we have to announce you that we have changed them via our Discord server. However, if the Discord server doesn't exist we are allowed to change them without any notices.


This terms covers all servers, the Discord server, the Steamgroup and all other services we provide. By buying any of our products you also agree to this terms of service, by donating you are also agreeing to the terms of service.

Cheating - cap 1

If you violate any of this rules we are allowed to either temporary limit your account from our servers or communicating to other users. If needed we can permanently make actions to restrict your account from our services.
Your account, your responsibility
Your account, your responsibility. If someone else than you is cheating on your account we will not lift the ban. If you are banned for cheating not only your account will be banned, your IP will also be blacklisted from our servers.

Usage of VPN will also include a ban on the new ip and we will also ban your alternative account. This process continues as long as you keep bypassing your permanent ban.
Discussing cheats
Don't advertise, promote, sell cheats or discuss anything related to cheat on our servers.

By advertising we mean trying to make people buy a certain cheat service, or to include your name on website names. Also known as unconscious advertising.

By promote we mean to talk about cheats, talk good about them and make people use it.

When we say sell cheats we mean that you are not allowed to recieve money from selling cheats on our community.
Accept bans on cheaters
Don't argue against Admins if they ban a cheater. If you think someone got falsely banned, please discuss that in our Discord server.
Things we don't allow on the servers
  • Aim assistance
  • Vision assistance
  • Movement assistance, such as bhop or macros
  • Clantag changer or binds for changing clantag
  • Skin, glove or knife changer
  • Recoil advantage, such as removal of recoil
  • Any other internal or external software.
  • Or other in-game advantage to your favour.
  • Accusing cheats
    Don't accuse someone of cheating when you don't have the right evidence. If you would like to tell and Admin to check out a player, please visit our Discord server.
    Recent activity to cheat
    If we found out that you have been banned on other community servers on your current account or recent accounts, vac-ban or overwatch-ban. Then suspicious thoughts can appear and that may result in a ban due to you either lying or we think you are using cheats on our servers in this very moment.


      First ban 60 minutes
      Second ban 60 minutes
      Thurd ban 60 minutes
      Forth ban 1 week
      Fifth ban Permanent

    Purchases - cap 2

    When buying from us you agree to not refund any of your purchases under any circumstances. If you make a refund against us, we will permanently remove your vip and rights to buy anything from us again.
    We only accept PayPal, CS:GO Skins or Swish. If trading with skins the value has to be atleast 3€ worth of skins. We are not accepting any hydra or capsule keys.
    Changes to the product
    We are allowed to change features and price for our products without notice but we are not allowed to change the length of your subscription.
    Product transfering
    You can't transfer your Vip role to another account. Your role is bound to the account you bought it for at the beginning.
    Abusing features
    When you purchase Vip, you get access to the votekick system ingame. Abuse of this system will result in a complete rank removal.
    Reselling codes
    You are not allowed to resell codes.
    Potential scammers
    There might be other people that want to sell you fake codes. The only one that can sell you vip is Trum. Either via Discord or Steam, if you have any questions or want to report a scammer, please visit our Discord server.

    Admins - cap 3

    Show respect to all Admins, don't behave bad or use a annoying attitude against them. Respect their choices and don't tell them what to do.
    Avoid punishments
    You are not allowed to avoid punishments. By "avoid" we mean that you violate a rule and then instantly leave to aviod being punished. If you avoid punishments we will temporary limit your account from our servers.
    Impersonate Admin
    You are not allowed to tell people that you are a Admin or any of the other roles if you aren't. And to either have the same name as a Admin or use a similar clantag is not allowed.
    Argue against punishments
    If a Admin have decided to punish a user, you are not allowed to argue against the Admin on the server, "the Admin's decision is final". If you want to appeal your punishment, please visit our Discord server.
    Admin related topics
    You shall not discuss Admin related things on the servers, use the Discord server, not in-game or Steam.

    Discord - cap 4

    The user(s) that violates these rules will be kicked or banned depending on severity.
    Don't use bad words, discriminating words/statements, websites or other communites in your name.
    Do not be annoying, always keep a mature and respectful attitude to all users. Do not share your racist/homophobic thoughts, keep them for yourself.
    Inappropriate language (excessive swears, racial slurs, discriminating words/statements) are not allowed.
    Keep unnecessary talk (Politics, Religion, etc) outside our Discord, discuss off-topic in private message and not in public channels.
    Channels for your needs
    Use the correct channels for the correct use. If you have any questions, stick to #support and we'll be happy to assist. But if you need further help you can create a ticket and we will help you.
    Discord Terms
    Discord's official Terms of Service should always be followed.
    Discussing cheats
    Discussing, selling, promoting or sharing cheats of any kind is strictly forbidden.
    Minimum age
    You have to be 12 years of age if you're gonna be a member of this Discord server, members admitting that they are under 12 years of age will be banned.
    Harmful material
    Any harmful material (viruses, pornographic images/links, links to sites or Discord servers that involve the aforementioned, etc.) results in an immediate ban.
    Repeatedly mentioning roles or other users can result in a kick/ban at that persons discretion.
    No advertising Discord servers, or other programs, websites or services. This includes DM’ing unsolicited invites, or putting an invite as your playing status.
    There are Admins to make sure these rules are followed. Tell us if someone is breaking the rules, and don't attempt to moderate the conversation yourself.
    Don't open more than 1 ticket at the time. Show respect during your ticket and keep a mature behaviour.
    This list does not constitute the full list of rules. At all times try to use common sense and good judgement for any action you're about to take.

    Other - cap 2

  • Don't have bad words, discriminate words/statements in your name.
  • A word that that looks/sounds counts as a bad word and are not allowed.
  • Don't use !calladmin if its not necessary, if the user isn't cheating you are not allowed to use the command.
  • If the user is griefing, behaving bad or breaking other rules you should submit a own reason.
  • You are not allowed to abuse the own reason option on !calladmin.
  • Don't block, smoke or team-flash your teammates, be a good teammate and play competitively.
  • Your account, your responsibility. You can be punished if it's your account but it wasn't you that did it.
  • Griefing is not allowed, you need to play competitively and not ruin for your team.
  • You are not allowed to advertise or promote a company, community, product or cheats.
  • No racism, nazism, sexism or statements that can violate a person.
  • Don't ghost where your teammates are.
  • Your name should include only characters from the keyboard or atleast contain a few.
  • You are allowed to call someone if they are afk.
  • Use family friendly language.
  • No cross-team callouts or help the other team, play competitively.
  • Don’t argue about punishments, you can appeal your punishment in the Discord.
  • No music, screaming, blowing, whistle, asmr, and other unnecessary sounds/noice.
  • Keep unnecessary talk outside the voicechat/chat, some players want silence.
  • Don't give fake info/callouts.
  • Don't swear, say bad words, or any talk that could discriminate a player.
  • Turn off your voicechanger before joining the servers.
  • Talk english all the time. But if the whole team is from the same country, you can talk that language.
  • Jumpscares, screamers, malware, nsfw or virus is not a thing we discuss or even accept in the chat.