§1 ⠀⠀Do not disrespect admins, they are here to help.

§2 ⠀⠀Don't have bad words or discriminate words/statements in your name.

§3 ⠀⠀A word that that looks the same/sounds the same is still not allowed.

§4 ⠀⠀Don't farm points, play as everyone else and climb your way to the top without cheating.

§5 ⠀⠀Fakenick is not allowed, this cover fakenicking admins.

§6 ⠀⠀Don't use !calladmin if its not necessary, you need to be 100% accurate.

§7 ⠀⠀Don't block, smoke or team-flash your teammates, be kind.

§8 ⠀⠀You are not allowed to avoid punishments.

§9 ⠀⠀Your account, your responsibility. You can be punished if it's your account but it wasn't you that did it.

§10 ⠀⠀Griefing is not allowed, you need to play competitively and not ruin for your team.

§11 ⠀⠀You are not allowed to use vision/aim/other assistance on our servers, also known as cheating.

§12 ⠀⠀Bhop script, macro or anything that makes it easier for you to bhop is not allowed.

§13 ⠀⠀Don't talk about cheats, we don't support any cheats or to cheat.

§14 ⠀⠀Don't call cheats on someone that doesn't have it.

§15 ⠀⠀Don't joke about that you are cheating, we take it serious.

§16 ⠀⠀You are not allowed to advertise or promote a company, community, product or content creators.

§17 ⠀⠀No racism, nazism, sexism or statements that can violate a person.

§18 ⠀⠀Don't ghost where your teammates are.

§19 ⠀⠀You are allowed to call someone if they are afk.

§20 ⠀⠀Use family friendly language.

§21 ⠀⠀No cross-team callouts or help the other team, play competitively.

§22 ⠀⠀Don’t argue about punishments, use the discord if needed.

§23 ⠀⠀No music, screaming, blowing, whistle , asmr, and other unnecessary sounds/noice.

§24 ⠀⠀Keep unnecessary talk outside the voicechat/chat, some players want silence.

§25 ⠀⠀Don't give fake info/callouts.

§26 ⠀⠀Don't swear, say bad words, or any talk that could discriminate a player.

§27 ⠀⠀Don't talk or mention politics, we are not a place where you talk about that.

§28 ⠀⠀Turn off your voicechanger before joining the servers.

§29 ⠀⠀Talk english all the time. But if the whole server is from the same country, you can talk that language.

§30 ⠀⠀Jumpscares, screamers, malware, nsfw or virus is not a thing we discuss or even accept in the chat.

§31 ⠀⠀Use the support in the discord, not ingame or any other chat like pm on steam/discord.