Make sure you meet the requirements and read all the information below before filling out the application form!


- Have a working microphone.
- Be a member of the Discord server.
- Be 16 years old or above.
- Have 1000 hours or above on CS:GO.


Please fill out the following information completely and accurately for your application to be considered. Incorrect filled out information will be discarded without further review, no personal information will be retained past the initial appeal process! If you are accepted, we will contact you via Discord. Therefore if you have changed name, or we are unable to find you, we will ignore and remove your application without notice.

Multiple submissions for a single application will result in immediately denial. An application that is non-serious will be immediatly removed. Applies regarding other languages than English, or wrong or unnecessary provided information will be immediately deleted. An non-serious duty as Admin can be punished. By this we mean that if you get accepted and then don't do anything you can get punished due to wasting our time and resources. If you send in a application without meeting the requirements, the application will immediately get denied without further notice.